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Welcome to the Interactive Inner Asia Wiki.

This site hosts web based collaboration areas for the Interactive Inner Asia (IAIA) project. For detailed information regarding the IAIA project, please visit the IAIA website. You can also find a link a to IAIA website in the sidebar navigation.


Interactive Inner Asia

Please visit the IAIA website for detailed information.

The project aims to provide a model lexicographic, demographic, and grammatical feature infrastructure, giving users tools to explore Inner Asia, its individual languages, and their contact and change. The con­ver­gence of unrelated languages in Inner Asia is as striking as that of the Balkans, yet the fea­tures of the area’s languages have hardly been compared. The area remains largely undocu­men­ted as a Sprach­bund. Since most of the relevant Inner Asian languages are endangered, we have a nar­row tem­poral op­portu­nity in which to understand these interactions, in order to contribute to typological and contact theory.

IAIA: Objectives

The project has two interrelated objectives: to produce a database-backed website on the Inner Asian Sprachbund languages, and an etymological dictionary of the Salar language.

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